Bronze Age ( 2000 – 1500 B.C)


**         Bronze age  is a period in which characterized by the  use of copper and its alloy bronze.

** Urban development , sculpturing, architecture , pottery mainly shaped and developed in Anatolia.

**         Bronze artifacts , gold, silver and alloys of gold and silver goods were used in the palaces of Rich and big kingdoms.

  **         The most important development was the inventory of the lathe (a machine tool used to shape a piece of material, or workpiece, by rotating  )

**      Cities were dominated and reigned by theocratical principalities


Bronze age in Anatolia (3000-1200 B.C )


**      Commerce widely spread and started to be made even with thousands of km far lands.

**           Political organization first occured in this age and principalities appeared on history scene

**      History of Assyrian trade colonies and Hittite Civilization  dates back to bronze age

**    Asryians , Babylon  and Cassit kingdoms were lived  in the bronze age

**           The first sample of the political organisation in the History first seen and made by the Hatti kingdom which founded in central Anatolia during the Bronze age.

**           Assyrian trade colonies had built the resting places for the traders on the routes which known and Called as “ karum”

**          Kultepe is one of the most important antique site which achieved to survive untill present day from bronze age.


Important Settlements of Anatolia region in  Bronze age


·         Beycesultan

·         Karatas-semayuk

·         Yortan

·         Demircihoyuk

·         Kusura

·         Arslantepe

·         Pulur

·         Norsuntepe

·         Alacahoyuk (corum ), alisar (corum  ),eskiyapar(corum )

·         Horoztepe,etiyokusu

·         Mahmatlar(nevsehir) , sulucu karahoyuk(nevsehir)

·         ahlatlibel (ankara), bitik, gordion,buyukgulucek (ankara)

·         Kultepe ( Kayseri)


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