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Paleolithic Era ( old stone age )

·         In view of stone  apparatuses and   developments in weapons this period Categorized to 3 different sections;   as lower  , middle  and upper paleolithic eras.

·         Paleolithic humans were  protected in natural  shelters and caves.

·         Paleolithic is the longest pre-historic era

·         Through the end of the paleolithic era fire was discovered.  Fire accepted by authorites as the beginning  of the civilizations.


Lower paleolithic

·          is the era that lived between 2.5 million – 200 thousands years in Anatolia

·         Chipped tools , forged flint stones and  axes were made in this era


Middle paleolithic

·         Tools developed with the excavating and penetrating features.

·         Mousterien , micoqien , levelloisien cultures were lived in the period

  homo erectus was appeared in the end of this period


Upper paleolithic

·         Perigordien, aurignacien , solutreen and magdalenien cultures date back to this period

·         It is the period lived 40000 years ago

·         Weapons are made from horns and bones. Knives and penetrating tools were developed.

·         Small statues  , pictures and reliefs drawn on caves

·         Anatolia is one of richest  place having the vast number of  remnants  belonging  the paleolithic period.

·         Karain cave is the best sample for theseplaces.

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prometheus gift to mankind.
old stone age is very important to humanity whilst prometheus had stolen the fire from gods by taking a risk of punishment. Prometheus is the hero and the savior of all humanity