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Extreme Maximum, Minimum and Average Temperatures Measured in Long Period (°C)
Maximum Temp.22.524.028.431.637.
Minimum Temp.-2.4-3.4-
Average Temp.10.710.912.916.020.625.628.328.124.720.115.212.0

Measured in Long Period
Max. Precipitation11.12.1992466.3 kg/m2Max. Wind23.12.1983118.4 km/hourMax. Snow Height**.**.******.* cm

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7 Mart Çarşamba, 2012
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lessie miller
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weather in marmaris
marmaris has just said blink an eye to summer i mean today weather in marmaris even in march is so hot . i even swam for a while in sea without freezing. i love marmaris

29 Ocak Pazar, 2012
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marmaris is far beyond than my second home its my love. i left everyhing in uk and settled here after first visit to marmaris. people should come and visit the cozziest place of the world marmaris. i can even find a place for daily visitors in my house. id love to show around in marmaris .