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Sirnak was a part of siirt before 1990 though have gained the city status after  1990. Siirt is on the border of Syria and Iraq.  If you ever go and pass from Sirnak visit the province called Cizre.  Cizre is a place situated on the bottom of historical and religiously very important mount Cudi.   The history of Cizre dates back to 4000 B.C. 

It’s believed that the cizre province was founded by the prophet Noah after the  great flood .  It’s rumoured the bastions of the Cizre castle was built by the Guti empire planning the ship of Noah the prophet. 

Cizre castle , belek bastion ,  emir seyfettin mosque,  El –ceziri tomb in the mosque of Noah are the structures worth to see in Cizre, sirnak Turkey. 




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