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 Diyarbakir Ulu cami ( great Mosque )

Diyarbakir great mosque located west to the harput and mardin gates. Diyarbakir ulu cami is the oldest mosque in anatolia. When muslim Araps captured the Diyarbakir city converted the biggest worship place ( church Martoma) to a mosque. Later on ,  great seldjukian emperor meliksah  had ordered to repair and renovate the mosque. Diyarbakir great mosque interpreted as the reflection of  Sham emeviye mosque to anatolia. Diyarbakir ulu cami accepted to fifth Harem-i Sherif of the Islam world. One sun watch is available in the mosque which is made by famous scientist El- Cezeri.


Diyarbakır mosque and neighbourhood is a place where cultural and religious figures were gathered . We can count these figures as ; maksoorahs (area in a mosque which has been screened off or partitioned off) standing at the west and east side of the big courtyard in the middle of the mosque , hanifis mosque to the south , shafii mosque, mesudiye medrese and  zinciriye medrese located very close to western part.


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