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 Diyarbakir is a historical city which had been a cradle to 26 civilizations. Diyarbakir has the longest defend walls of the world after the great walls of China.

City walls extended 5 km long , Diyarbakir castle , mosques, universities, houses left from Byzantium and ottoman empire , embodied with Diyarbakir.

Places to visit in Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir city walls ,  diyarbakir museums  of archeology, museum of Cahit Sitki Taranci, museum of  Ziya gokalp, mansion of Ataturk, Grand mosque of Diyarbakir , Diyarbakir ickale , nebi mosque, Suleyman the prophet mosque ,  Hasan pasha Rest house. Selahaddin eyeub-I mosque, Dakyabus ancient site remnants, Zulkarneyn castle,  Palace remnants of Artukians, tumuli of yayvantepe, uctepe places to visit in diyarbakir


How to go

There are regular buses and minibuses available to go neighbour cities during the day.

Flights available from istanbul and ankara everyday .

 From Istanbul to Diyarbakir ( everyday) 19:30

From Ankara to Diyarbakir (everyday) 10:00 -14:45

Trainway is less preferred transportation way though it’s available to reach all around turkey from Diyarbakir.

The tour operators usually choose Diyarbakir as a departure place to start the eastern or southeastern tours to Adiyaman ,  mount nemrut, tatvan, ahlat, akdamar castle, Agri, Kars, Erzurum, Sanliurfa etc.

What to Eat

When anyone hear the name of diyarbakir remember the famous , big and delicious Watermelons from the region, In the touristic restaurants and hotels of Diyarbakir any kind of buffet options are available as open buffet or a’la carte restaurant.

But local foods are highly recommended to taste Kibemumbar, Grape pestiles, Kadayif dessert.

Burma kadayif can be eaten in Sitki usta restaurant

Liver from Remzi usta recommended restaurants by me.


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6 Haziran Çarşamba, 2012
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Diane Morgan
Message :
diyarbakir Turkey
if you ever get to Diyarbakir especially in summer times do not miss the chance of eating very delicious watermelons

1 Mart Perşembe, 2012
Name and Surname:
jordan fayzal
Message :
diyarbakir visit
diyarbakir is called as the patis of eastern anatolia region in turkey. i believe paris description given to diyarbakir by visitors is a very suitable name. uou can find a great mixture of cultures ,communities and traditions in diyarbakir city. you can both live the old style and modern style together in diyarbakir turkey.