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 Deyrulzafaran monastery

 Deyrulzafaran monastery is very important for the syrians  it`s the center of Syrians all over the world. It`s very meaningful moastery for the Syrians as Vatican for the catholic Christians .  You will not only see the monastery but also the temple of people who believe in sun.  Deyrulzafaran monastery is located 5 km far from the mardin city centre. You can get a cap and deal with the driver to wait for you there during your visit.  Monastery was the center of Syrians until 1937 . It was built by the Syrian brothers Teheiodori and tehodari. Monastery name derived from the flower which  grow up in the district and called zafaran.

It`s believed that the deyrulzafaran monastery has a sacred structure as the stone stands for the name of Petrus.  Jesus the Christ had told the Petrus : you are the basic rock and over you a church will be built. People believe that stone in the monastery was put for the name of Petrus upon this saying by jesus Christ.

However  patriarch of Syrians was moved to Syria , Deyrulzafaran monastery accepted as a pilgrimage place and attract thousands of Syrians to come here.

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deyrulzaferan monastery
deyrulzafaran monastery shines as a sun in dark universe

14 Ocak Cumartesi, 2012
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andrey anatoli
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just one word to describe Deyrulzafaran monastery is `fascinating`