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Balikli gol,

Baliklikli gol ( Halil-ur rahman lake ) located next to  to historical and sacred places , north to the city Castle , in front of Rizvaniye mosque in the city. Dimensions of the lake are   150 mt lenght and 30 mt width. Water-depth is around 3 to 5 mt. Carp species of fishes mentioned in many different legends live in the water. These fishes respected by the people and cathing , eating of these fishes are banned. According to islamic resources ;  After Abraham the prophet thrown in to the fire a miracle occurs and the fire extinguishes , the place start to surrounded by flowers and roses. It’s believed that this miracle occured in the place where balikli gol stands today.


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22 Şubat Çarşamba, 2012
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turkey life experience
balikli gol lake with fishes is very othantic plAce to see having a turkish tea and watching thousands of untouchable fishes is a unique wxperience

12 Ocak Perşembe, 2012
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metin gernad
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otantik bir yer insani baska bir dunyaya goturuyor