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 Many writers from the ancient era as Strabon, Plinius and so on had mentioned the Zeugma name.  Selevkos Nikator One of the generals of Alexander the Great  founded the city  and derived the name of the city from euhrates river and his name. City started to known Selevkia ad Euphrates.  Across the city he founded another city and built a bridge connecting these two cities. He gifted and dedicated the second city to his wife Apameia so city started to called Apameia.  City was given as a wedding gift to Kommagane civilizations after the marriage of the Kommagane king and daughter of Selevkos (Leodike) .  The son of Leodike : Anthiokhos the first  had the statues built over Mount Nemrut .  Zeugma stayed as one of the biggest city for 40 years in kommagane kingdom. The name Zeugma which meaning bridge , transition was given to city after reigned by the roman empire 64 A.D

 Silk road extending from Antakya to China was passing from Zeugma .  Precious stones, spices, silk and many other goods  were traded in Agora of Zeugma .  Seals found over 100.000 in the excavations prove the Zeugma`s importance in communication and trading.

Over the hill ascending 300 mt temple of Tyche ( protector of merchants and city ) was built.  The hill dominating the valley and shaped as eagle was reflecting the glory of Zeugma.  Temple of thyce was also used on the coins they produced.  On the northern part of the city under soil , Agora, Odeon , Hamams, on the western part , theater , military base, on the north western Villas and work shops exist.

Villas and houses were decorated with unique mosaics.  Mythological Characters  and gods depicted on mosaics. The colours of the found mosaics are still so fresh as they were made yesterday.  

Most of the Zeugma city today unfortunately under water due to the dam built at birecik. Remnants and found monuments, pieces today exhibited in Gaziantep mosaic museum.


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zeugma museum
mosaics found from zeugma city are exhibited in zugma museums . every each mosaic is a masterpiece in zeugma museum.