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Gaziantep is the first city of Turkey deserve to get the title of veteran (gazi). City was used to call Ayintap.  City  during the independance war of Turkey resisted heroically  against intruders . The grand national assembly of  Turkey awarded Antep’s bravery by giving the title of veteran (gazi) .

When you travel to gaziantep you will first see the the castle built on the highest rocky hill in the city called Kudret (potency) . It’s assumed that the castle remained from the Hittites period.  Castle surrounded by walls 1200 mt  lenght. In the castle 26 towers and bastions are available. We understand from the scripts ; Western bastions were built during the mamlukians period and two towers next to castle bridge in Suleyman the magnificent Ottoman period . Under the bastions a hall exists which circulating all around the castle .  Ruins of a mosque and roughly 40 houses visible in the castle.  It’s rumoured a tunnel under the base of Castle reaches the  ancient site in Duluk.

Gaziantep City Tour

You can first go to Sahinbey the place almost in the center of the city and where all local markets lined up one another .  Many local markets with hundreds of different goods will be waiting you. Especially Copper bazaar and Shoe makers Bazaar are the most  interestings. There you can see how people make handmade copper goods and shoes.  You can then go to castle on the hill and watch the Gaziantep from birdview point. One of the place must visit in the city is the Zeugma mosaic museum.   Museum containts the mosaics found from theZeugma city are exhibited here. Zugma museum is the biggest mosaic museum in the world.   Mosaics exhibited in the city are really well preserved and worth to see.   Another place to see is the tahmis Kahvesi  the structure was built in 1640 during the Ottoman Sultan Murat the 4th.   Structure has too many shops and cafes to relax and drink something. A coffee named Menengic is recommended to taste.

Gaziantep has a very famous cuisine not only in Turkey but also in the world . Especially Baklava (finely layered pastry filled with nuts and steeped in syrup ) and kebaps must be tasted. These dishes tastes will be unforgettable for you.



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16 Eylül Pazar, 2012
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roza krendlin
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Turkish foods
The foods are amazing in Gaziantep , Kebabs , local foods and baklava recommended

21 Haziran Perşembe, 2012
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ursula heitmann
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Gaziantep ist Bekannt für Ihre vielfaeltige Küche. Es gibt so viele verschiedene leckere Sachen, die man alle unbedingt probieren sollte.

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