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Erzincan is one of the oldest cultural center in Anatolia . Erzincan located on the route of Silk road reigned by Hitites, Urartians , Meds, Persians, Romes. After Malazgirt victory of turks city taken over by Turks. Erzincan is a paradise and attraction  with its natural beauties, foods and local goods as much as cultural values .

Erzincan’s population  was effected by the social and economic developments and Earthquakes occured in the city. People moved from rural developed cities. However city population is decreased . Altough Erzincan population decreased especially with the local governmants efforts and projects  city started to gain attention and visitors. Erzincan now is known with the sport facilities such as rafting in euphrates river, trekking in Mount munzur and Sakaltutan ski center. Paragliding is another naturesport can be done in the area . Munzur and Kesis mountains with 2000-3000 height and mild winds offer very appropriate opportunities for paragliding.

Must do in Erzincan

Erzincan has a rich cuisine . Most of the foods based on the pastries. Esgili ( flour) soup , traditional stuffed wine leaves are the  major foods. 

Handmade coppers ( trays , plates, vase, souvenirs) ,  Carpets are the local goods to be taken from Erzincan as souvenirs.

Aged skin bag cheese ,  roasted chickpea local values to take as gifts your neighboors

 I recommend you to visit Mama hatun Kulliye , Otlukbeli crater and Tercan damn lakes Try rafting in euprathes river, swim in the waterfalls of the Bayirbag and Cakirman. Rest in the Natural springs of Eksisu.

In refahiye forests  go camping and eat grilled trout.

You must see The Canions of of Kemaliye  and swim Kemahli lake.




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rafting turkey
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amazing rafting
Still very bare and undiscovered yet rafting facilities are supreme.. If you are really into rafting try Erzincan