Assos located on the soutside of the Troas region founded on a 234 mt height andesite rocky hill. Andesite stone which is a kind of volcanic stone type almost used in all structures.City surrounded by 3200 mt long city walls

Today Assos called as Behramkale-behramkoy is a settlement where had hosted many civilizations from 2000 B.C untill today.

First inhabitants of Assos are unknown though Assos had been a settlement since the first bronze age. 

Six gates including the main gate built on the western side of the city walls  . Towers on the city walls are quadrangular shaped.  City walls which can be seen today was built 4th century B.C

The most significant monument of the Assos is the Athena temple which was built on the highest part of the Acropol in 530 B.C . Structure is very important in view of architecture. Athena temle is the first and only sample of the Dorian architecture in Anatolia.

Investigations made around the Athena temple revealed the houses surrounding the Stylobat of the temple and use it as an atrium. These houses belong the 6 century A.D when the city was shrinked and started to use acropolis as a defensive castle.

Agora , gymnasium and theatre was built on the southside of the Acropol . North to agora,  a stoa with doric style is available. Gymnasium of Assos was built in the hellenistic period . located between the agora and the western gate.

The stoneway descending from the western gate of agora goes to hamams and  then the theatre. Theater was built in natural rock facing the sea and lesbos island.  Capacity of theater is 5000 thousands and built with the Roman style.

Necropolis located on the way above terraces going to western gate. In ancient sites necropolis commonly built out of the city or next to main way to show the monumental tombs for visitors.  You can rarely see monumental tombs in the city , these tombs built in the city for the priviliged people 


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herbert schröder
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Es gibt manche Plaetze, die sollte man sich ansehen, dazu gehört auch Assos.

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assos turkey
the gift of nature to humans must be watched over the theater a gift given to today by assos ancient inhabitants

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