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 Bursa Ulu Cami ( Grand Mosque )

Sultan Yildirim Beyazit got Bursa Grand Mosque ( Ulu cami )  built between 1396 – 1400 years.  Rectangle design was applied to building . There are 3 big entrance gates , Ulu cami is the biggest and  most monumental one among the  mosques with Multiple domes

. 20 domes stand  on thick walls and 12 square columns  which made by blockstones . Under The dome located on the middle axis a pool with sixteen edges and a fountain exists. 2 minarets made by marbles and covered with bricks stand on the northernside of the mosque.  The scripts found  in the mosque are peculiar to Calligraphy art and known as the uniqe samples of this art. Ulu cami ( Grand mosque) with its Architectural design, handmade wood-works and scripts stand apart from the other relics and monumets.

According to a myth “Karagoz”  who makes the people laugh when they were building the mosque and cause the works to be delayed was killed by The sultan Yildirim Beyazit.

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Emre Demirezen
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For more you can read this article in english
Turkey, Bursa Grand Mosque: Its Archtecture and Secrets Turkish architecture is one of the most magnificent work that is left to us. According to Evliya Çelebi Bursa Grand Mosque is the Hagia Sophia of Bursa. It is known as the fifth holy place of Islam. Ok well I'm talking to you from the Great Mosque. http://www.asriilim.com/2014/08/turkey-bursa-grand-mosque.html

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ann carol
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mosques in Turkey
Bursa grand mosque is one of the oldest and most magnicifent mosque belonging to ottoman art. The size is not as enourmous as Selimiye mosque however inner part of the mosque dazzles you.

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