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 Didim which located very close to ancient city Didyma and Altinkum (golden sands ) beach is an important destination for English people with its nature, history, weather and living conditions. According to historical documents Didyma was founded by the Ionian leader Neleus who is  the son of king Codros from Athens . Until 1960s district was a small  village however after tourism gained importance , district developed and population very sharply increased in a moment. The old name of the city was Yenihisar (new castle ) but local people demanded to change the name as Didim in order to keep alive the thousands years old name Didyma and thus name of the city was changed by government in 1997 as Didim.

Temple of Apollon which built for the name of God Apollo was the most important and largest prophecy center of ancient world. According to Strabon ; it was the biggest temple of the world so the temple was not even able to be covered.  Temple was destructed by the Persian invaders 494 B.C though Alexander the great , Pergamons and Romans restructed the temple. Temple was the most famous oracle center of the world in ancient era.  

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8 Haziran Cuma, 2012
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bernhard schwiedler
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Didim ist bekannt für seine kulturellen Sehenswürdigkeiten, als auch für seine wundervollen Sandstraende. Ebenso ist das Nachtleben in Altınkum einen Besuch wert.

24 Şubat Cuma, 2012
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apollon temple
apollon is the almighty god of all mythic gods. apollon was the god of future. i would probably go his temple very frequent if i lived in that time

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