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Adiyaman is situated in the most western  part of South Eastern Anatolia . Population is approximately 800.00 people.

There are plenty of tales about the name of the Adiyaman . The most common and known is take part in a city called “Farrin”.   7 sons of a pagan father  someday , “when their  father was outside “ destroyed all the idols in the house . 7 son  accepted and announced that ( as Jesus christ declared) the god is one .  When the father learned all about his sons beliefs and demolitions of the idols he worship , He slaughtered all his sons.   After  the christianity belief  outspreaded in the area , inhibitants and believers built a monastery to the memory of these brave  men. This monastery  named as “Yedi yaman ( 7 brave men )”.

 In centuries this name , formed as “Adiyaman (brave named )”.

History of Adiyaman goes back to ancient times , different civilisations , cultures  were settled and lived in this land. Today  Adiyaman with the values taken through it’s history by  countless civilisations is one of the most important tourism center in Turkey. Adiyaman hosts  world wide guests all year around .

Tips and Places to visit in Adiyaman!

Definitely a must to go up Mount Nemrut and watch the sunset or sunrise , Adiyaman Museum must be visited.

Local foods must be tasted . In the city centrum and on the way to Mount Nemrut many restaurants are available to taste kebap , and grilled fishes. (Cilbir , Adiyaman Kebap , Eksili kofte and Sillik recommended )

In the city from from old Bazaar ( oturakci pazari ) you can buy , rugs , saddle bags, local souvenirs .


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8 Ocak Salı, 2013
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Brunna Annunciata
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forget your diet
the foods in Adiyaman are amazing and servings for just 1 person are so large even to be easily enough for 2-3 people but you can't stop eating the magically tastefull kebabs. put your diet list somewhere away when you are in Adiyaman.