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When the middle asiatic tribes immigrates from Asia , Agri was a transition point  to Anatolia That's why Agri had witnessed plenty of civilazitons. But those civilizations used Agri just as a gate to Anatolia thus none of them had generated a vast and  powerfull city.


Among those Urartus were the most fundamental and powerfull one . Urartu is an Ancient kingdom around Lake Van, southwestern Asia. Today the region is divided among Armenia, eastern Turkey, and northwestern Iran. The kingdom flourished 13th-7th century BC, enjoying considerable power in the Middle East in the 9th-8th century. Archaeological finds date from the time of King Shalmaneser I ( 1274-45) of Assyria. Repeatedly attacked by Assyrian kings, Urartu declined in the late 8th century. It ceased to exist after invasions by Cimmerians, Scythians, and Medes in the 7th century BC

Persians lived in the area almost 200 hundred years until they lost the battle against the Macedonians king Alexander the Great. Area was controlled by the Macedonians until the dead of Alexander the Great. Armenians used this authority deficiency  as an opportunity to capture the land.

The first Turks settled in the eastern anatolia and the Agri was Scythians 680 B.C However the main and intense settlement of the Turks started after the war of Malazgirt (1071 ).  Approximately over 300 years many different turkish tribes reigned the area until Ottomans with empire Sultan Selim captured the region .


City was called as  Sorbulak during the Ottoman period and Karakilise ( black church ) by armenians.  Mount Ararat supposed to be the mountain which is mentioned in the old testament (the torah ) with the legendary story of Noah’s flooding. Today the name of agri derived from the mount Ararat. Mount ararat is the heighest mountain in Turkey (5165 mt) . All year around the peak is snowy and foggy . If you are really lucky you might see the peak without snow and fog with bare eyes once or twice in a year. 

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Eine wundervolle Landschaft voller Berge, eine Sehenswürdigkeit die man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte.

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Supreme Mountain
mount ararat