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Situated in the Eastern Anatolia region Bitlis encircled with Siirt from South , Mus from West , Agri from North and Van lake from the East.

Bitlis is an important city with castles and Turkish islamic monuments.

Ahlat the county of Bitlis known as the living culture. Founded in the shores of the Van lake Ahlat`s history dates to very old times. Left from the 13th century 14 Kumbets (large tomb with a dome-shaped or conical roof ) 5 historical  cemetery from the Seldjukian and 1 cemetery from the Ottoman empire period . The most importantmonumentel and historical structure of the county is the cemetery which covers almost 50000 acres remained from the seljukians . In the cemetery  many different types of tombs can be seen .

Must do in Bitlis


Nature`s grace to area  Mount nemrut and Nemrut crater lakes must be visited. 

Kumbets ((large tomb with a dome-shaped or conical roof )  of Ahlat and Seljukian  Graveyard, Bitlis castle Serefiye mosque  must places to see.

Especially in the summer season, naturel shores  and the healing features of the Van lake offers sand , sea, sun and health  priviliges to visitors.

Winter season presents a great joy of skiing. Nature and hills are very suitable for the ski sports.

Embracement of the history and nature must be watched from the Serifbey Hill.

If you are lucky to encounter the local traditional wedding ceremonies of the city you must join the wedding and experience the exceptional traditional differences .

Bitlis Buryan kebap a food which is cooked from goats meat and having a deserved reputation with taste of it all around of Turkey  and a special soup made by many different vegetables called “ Avsor” must be eaten. 

Ahlat’s famous handcraft walking sticks made by Wallnut tree must be bought.




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