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 Goreme Open Air Museum

A rock settlement situated 13km away from Nevsehir and 2 km from  Goreme district.  In the region an intense monastic life  has been lived from 4th century until 13th century therefore , chapels , churches , dining halls and living spaces can be seen in almost every rock block .

It is accepted that the  Goreme Open Air Museum is the first place where monastery education system had started. Soganli , Ihlara, Aciksaray are the places where the same educational systeem seen later.

Churches, painted in two types of techniques;

The first is a painting made by directly smoothing the surface of the rock   and the second, is a painting made on rocks with secco (tempera) and  fresco technique. Topics in the frescoes  taken from the life of Prophet  Jesus  and Bible .

The churches to visit in Goreme Open Air Museum are ;

Boys and Girls Monastery,  St. Basil's Church,  Apple Church,  St. Barbara's Church,  Snake Church, Dark Church,  Carikli Church and the Buckle Church .


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3 Ocak Perşembe, 2013
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Alice Caredda
Message :
where to go in Cappadocia ?
When you get in Cappadocia , where ever you go and whereever you look you will find an attraction to visit and Goreme open air museum is maybe the most important place to see, esp. for christians it is the first place to visit in cappadocia to see wonderfull frescoes and paintings describing the life of jesus christ.

6 Aralık Perşembe, 2012
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Ana Isabel soares
Message :
cappadocia travel
goreme was more interesting for me than the natural rock formations of the cappadocia area. small chapels having goergously made colourful frescoes depicting the scenes from the bible is the first worthseings in goreme/ cappadoccia.