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When you hear the name of Malatya first thing comes to your mind is the apricot.  Apricot identified by Malatya . Malatya is also the biggest dry apricot exporter in the world. Any kind of apricot goods can be seen everywhere in the Malatya city even after the first step to city. The name of the city derived from Melid meaning the honey in Hittite language.

How to reach

 Istanbul 18 hours, Kayseri 4 hours, Gaziantep 4 hours, Ankara 11 hours  to drive  to Malatya. There are minibuses and taxis making the journey between the bus station and city centre. There are always scheduled minibuses to take you to bus station.

On flight available from ankara to malatya Everyday.

I recommend you to visit

Malatya Archeologıcal museum, old Malatya Castle, Namazgah and Ulu Mosque, Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Caravanserai as cultural values.

Malatyapark shopping mall is a modern structure you can also go and spend time.

You can also go trekking for Sultan suyu and Levent Valley . During Trekking you can discover many caves with reliefs and frescos.



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