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 As all of Turkiye has interesting history, Sivas, in Central Turkiye, east of the capital city of Ankara, certainly has enough tales to fill a history book, all on its own. It was an important city of Asia Minor under the empires of Rome, the Byzantines, and the Seljuk Turks. In 1400, it was sacked by Tamerlane, and fell to the Ottoman Turks (the next empire) after that. The winding roads through mountain after mountain after mountain, have periodic deposits of its historic past. 
At 1275 meters altitude (approx. 3825 ft.), I often felt my ears popping on the bus ride, and also as we climbed some of the higher peaks. Sivas is the highest city in the Central Anatolian region of Turkiye, the most mountainous in this mountain range.

Tourists should first visit Divrigi Great Mosque, an ornately decorated mosque and medical complex built in 1299 in Divrigi in Sivas province, which served as a capital city to Seljuk Turks in 1200s. The mosque is included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. 
Sivas is also famous for its thermal springs which have a respectable percentage in the city's income. People believe that the water of these thermal springs can cure many illnesses. The most famous thermal areas are, Sicak Cermik, Soguk Cermik, and Kangal Hot Spring with Fish (Balikli Kaplica)where the fish present in the water simply suck out the diseased areas in a curettage-like fashion. Many, doctors and clinics throughout Turkey recommend their patients to try the Kangal thermal waters as a curative. 
Sivas is also home to famous Kangal dog that is originally used as livestock guardian dog. 
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sivas kangal
sivas kangal dogs are very loyal to their owners and filled with love to people. sivas kangal dogs are at the same time are so big , heavy and strong rven to beat a bear .

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Love it