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Kayseri which has been an important trade center for centuries in Anatolia today protect it’s reputation . Besides being a commercial city ; Kayseri is a very much worth Anatolian city to see  and visit with its Magnicifent Mt. Erciyes and winter sports facilities, delicious local foods and ancient sites.


Things to do and Places to see in Kayseri ;


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30 Mart Cuma, 2012
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kayseri meat
kayseri city is like a butcher of turkey. sausages, bolognese and sucuk a special prepared spicy meat mostly produced and delivered to all turkey from kayseri. if you like meat you will love the taste of SUCUK .

14 Ağustos Cumartesi, 2010
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ali erguven
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Great stadium
Kayseri has the newest and best football stadium ever Turkey had. A great joy to be there 2 watch the matches.