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Aksaray with its  thousand years  old history which  dates back to BC 8. and cultural assets belonging to various civilizations, natural beauty and being as a commercial centre have always become an important settlement in Turkey.

 Aksaray is like a  gate to Cappadocia that’s offers  different , interesting , natural and cultural assets to visitors .

Aksaray is one of the most important centers on the Silk Road,in Central Anatolia Region.

 Today,  Aksaray is like  ajunction poing connecting main roads between east-west and nort-south directions .


Aksaray has become an atraction centre in the middle of Anatolia with places and structures as Guzelyurt, Ihlara Valley, Sultan Khan, Curved minaret . mt. Hasan is a place getting popular with investments made  for the winter sports  and Ziga hot springs available in Aksaray province attract many people with magic curing effects of the water.

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20 Ocak Cuma, 2012
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hakan demir
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aksaray her ne kadar turkiyede turizm acisindan yeterli ilgiyi görememişsede çok önemli turistik ve kulturel degerlere sahip bir yer. Aksaray muhakkak gorulmesi gereken yerlerden biri Turkiyede