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Tokat, located in the inner part of the Middle Black Sea region is  a  rare city which  preserved the cultural and natural beauty for centuries untill present day.


 According to the census conducted in 2000 the total population of the province is 828 027 and 113 100 of this population  live in the central district.


 Tokat takes an important place in Anatolia (which is the center of civilizations) , with its  rich natural resources. Due to the geostrategic location of Tokat  many  principalities, states and empires have been lived in this fertile lands.


Tokat and Niksar was so  patriarch of Pontika Cappadocia in time.


  Today province , carries the traces of its rich history and still some traditions are used and applied in the region .


Here is the list of tourist attractions and places to visit in Tokat ;


Tokat ballica cave , ali pasha turkish bath and mosque , tokat castle , ulu cami ( mosque ) , gok medrese , hidirlik bridge , Arastalı Bedesten ,Mahperi Hatun Kervansaray. Kaz golu , zinav golu (lakes )


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