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History of Karabuk

In the first period Karabük 
Karabük Antiquity, the Hittites, starting from the Phrygian, Hellenistic and Roman periods in the UK as a global issue has been settled. Karabük's, which are subject to settlement during the Hittite County; Eflani'dir. Hittite texts, the name of the city's oldest Haluna (wool) is known as a pass.Kışlaköy'ü of Ovacik, the subject has been placed in the Phrygian period. The structure of the door where the mill stone hese Phrygians are believed to belong to the period. Especially during the Hellenistic Kingdoms Eflani, the subject has been settled. Bit veins of the Hellenistic kingdom of Rome, the Western Black Sea Region (Paflagonya) to prevent seizures Eflani'de base defense here was developed and realized in the region (M.Ö.70). The second name is known in history, King of Bithynia Eflani'nin Nikomedes'in Phylomenes'ten son because "Phylomenes Dormitory" is known as. Antiquity last State of the Roma, M.Ö.1 century Anatolia invaded emphasis where one of the Western Black Sea region was the region's forests and mines an imperialist policy by following its own interests in line to use the address. Karabük Province of Rome, within the limits established for these purposes the most important cities are located between the border Eskipazar. These are referred to by name Kimistene Hadrianapolis and settlement areas. Besides, in Karabük Bürnük Village, Üçbaş Village, Bulak Village, Pürçükören in Ovacik village, Roman ruins are witnessing history with nearly. 

Origin of name Karabük 

Karabük name, was living on the geographical environment. "Black" and "bending" the words, in terms of land where the bushes, Karabük was the name of the source of the formation. Turkmen communities living in these communities, Karabük community took the name in this format. Karabük in Turkey today in the form of the name and location where 14 is passing, the congregation moved to other places in this land of the view that strengthens. 

Establishment of Karabük 

Karabük is a Republican city. Safranbolu district of a village which Öğlebeli'nin 13-digit district in Karabük in 1935, the Ankara-Zonguldak railway opening today of the station where a name should be given the 13-digit Karabük neighborhood station is named. So that the State Railways have passed the name on the map of Karabük. By local people, "Land" stony, barren, mountainous, "Bend" was used in the sense of bushes and shrubs, "Land" and "bending" was named word of the merger of Karabük. 
According to the source to a head, "Karabük" arms for the name of a Turkmen and seven of the country due to various districts, "Karabük" villages are named. Safranbolu district Turkmen tribes and tribal communities in our villages are named. 

Quarters until 1937 when a 13-digit Iron-Steel Factory in April 3, 1937, because it laid the foundation, Karabük in Turkey and has been heard around the world. While the establishment of iron and steel factory on the other hand is laid the foundations of the city of Karabük. Safranbolu district due to the parish in 1941, the expansion of Karabük Iron and Steel Plant in the population increases every day, and in 1953 and in 1995, while Turkey's 78th district has been the province. After the declaration of the republic is the first city to create a Republic is the city of Karabük. 

The city plan was drawn with the factory first and only planned industrial city of the Republic, Karabük, social and cultural aspects is also a modern city. Karabük, industrialization of the country where the first step being taken away, the town with its historical value and natural beauty with all of Turkey and the world stands out. 

Karabük, the history of the Turkish nation, industrialization, the city symbolizes the pride of being right is based. The republic's early years, Ataturk's industrialization in the way the decision on Turkey's first integrated iron and steel plant in the mining of coal basins and coastal proximity to the railway on the route of the invention and strategic relevance because Karabük is chosen. 

April 3, 1937 date when laid over a period as short as three years, plants have certain periods of operation, the first product in 1940 and then began to. Founded in Karabük Iron and Steel Plant in the private sector to establish the environment and of successive large and small mills, foundries were established. Karabük Iron and Steel Factory, the factory is an enterprise with features, and schools in Turkey has been a pioneer of industrial action. Karabük Iron and Steel in the context of privatization have been taken April 5, 1994, 1995 employees, Karabük people, consisting of merchants and industrialists, have been transferred to Kardemir Company. First, the modernization and renewal Kardemir Technology, with new investments and expanding targets. 
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