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Mardin is a city where different religions harmonized .  There are regular flights to Mardin twice in a week from Istanbul and Ankara. Another option to reach the mardin is the autoway from Diyarbakir to Mardin. When you get closer to Mardin you will see the stone houses built on a hill.  This spectacular view is really effective , impressive and gripping.  When you go into this gripping view you will be aware of how  a different world you are in.  Walk up and down in the narrow streets of  Mardin.

Mardin has developed a peculiar architectural style with the carved stones from the Mardin district. The name of Mardin in history  was called by Persians as Marde , by Arabians as Merde  , Merde meaning is castle and castles in syrrian language.

Old houses of mardin protected by the government that`s why  a new houses built under the hill so city was separated to part as old and new mardin.

It`s recommended to travel mardin and around with its monastery of Deyrulzafaran ,churches, old houses,  Hasankeyf, Midyat. You can start your journey by visiting two museums in the city center.

Recommended restoran in Mardin is the Restaurant of rido. Restaurant is located in the main street of mardin next to the Yapi kredi Bank. Kebaps made in this restaurant unforgettable.


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30 Mart Cuma, 2012
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mardin turkey
the city center square located over the old mardin city among the traditional mardin houses have nice cafes and restaurants to spend time after walking in narrow streets of mardin

30 Ocak Pazartesi, 2012
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mardin has a fascinating atmospher deeply impresses you at first sight. i was enamored of mardin. Stone houses reached by narrow streets in mardin are masterpieces of architecture