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Search for  apartments in Istanbul  where you and your loved ones can stay, then explore this stuning place and witness its beauty. It would be he lpful though to know some things about this famous city. Istanbul’s history dates back to 300.000 years ago with basic settlements , urban settlements , urbanizing and urban development was started 3000 years ago and history of Istanbul  serving as  a capital town dates back to 1600 years ago. Istanbul is a metropolis situated at the junction of Asia and Europe continents had hosted many different civilizations , cultures and city achieved to  protect its  cosmopolitical and metropolit frame formed by various religions, languages and races in ages.

   Istanbul which has been a center , capital town  and a leading city , exceptionaly survived for ages and became capital city of world.




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17 Ağustos Cuma, 2012
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vahap beyaz
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sofyali 9 restaurant asmalimescit
a soft greek music together with tens of salads , seafoods , fresh fishes and of course raki is the things to explain this authentic restaurant located in asmalimescit istanbul.

14 Ağustos Salı, 2012
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veet oliver
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lacivert restaurant anadoluhisari
Get on the shuttle boat from rumelihisari and start your evening with a wonderfull breezing transport and finish your evening in a luxurious fish restaurant with amazing , foods, view and service.

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