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Leman Kultur


Located by the sea in the heart of Bodrum has a very original decoration with full of comics and cartoons drawn on the walls.


Bodrum Leman Kultur bistro is a distinctive place with its location , delicious foods and food  presentations.


Bodrum Leman kultur is more like a fast food restaurant with it cafe and bar. It is not a place to spend along , relaxing, romantic evening.


Terrace ( the second floor ) of the Leman kultur is recommended to have a stunning wiew.


What to eat in Bodrum leman Kultur ?


Pastas , grilled chickens ,meatballs , chips with a strange , eye catching presentations are the foods to eat. Beer is the mostly preferred drinktogether with unique coctails.


Prices are quiet reasonable compared to other restaurants located in the same location however service is not as good and fast as expected. If you don’t mind waiting for your order you will definetely enjoy the place.



 Where is Bodrum Leman Kultur ?


Address : Kumbahce Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad.No: 161 - Bodrum - Mugla - Turkey


Phone: 00 90 252 316 5 316

Fax: 00 90 252 316 5 317

Reservation : 00 90 530 387 4591


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