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Kanatci Haydar


It is a typical Turkish restaurant with its simple view far from the luxury and modern design however the grilled chicken wings which havegiven the name to the restaurant are absolutely fantastic.

 Recommended: Mezes , Chicken wings and Kunefe ( atraditional Turkish dessert ) . Raki and beer options are also available.


Prices are a bit above average compared to similar fast food restaurants


Min : 40-50 TL per person.


Contact Details for Kanatci Haydar ;


Kocasinan Merkez Mahallesi AhlatSokak No: 18/A Bahcelievler Istanbul, Turkey


Phone number : 00 90 212 50371 73



Hz. Omer Street  No:46/1 Karakum Cyprus  Phone number : 00 90 392 815 98 72
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