Adali Meyhane


A pretty seafood restaurant where you will be attracted at first sight with its lovely design which resembles a small ship .


The delicious appetizers (mezes ) from Armenian, Greek and Ottoman cuisines are served with their original ingredients and way of cookings .


Adali meyhane has the sea view of golden horn of Istanbul offers live music on Fridays and Saturdays together with fix menus for per person


Fix menu : 90 Tl ( 40€ ) On Friday


Fix Menu : 110 Tl (50€) on Saturday


What to eat in Adali Meyhane ?


Fix Menu ;

Feta Al forno ( cheese with olive oil ) , Caciki , Fava ,stuffed mussels , red caviar salad , aubergine with sauce , pilaki , sarma ,lakerda, Greek salad .
Before the main course ; prawnfried in butter and Pacanga pie
Main course ; Fillet sea basswith special sauce and Adali meatballs

Dessert ; Halvah with gummyice cream and fruit plate.


*Limitless local drink 


Foods, service, live music andlimitless drinks are very good value ofmoney in Adali Meyhane.


Where is Adali Meyhane ?


 Address :Tepebasi Boulevaird , Refik Sishane 'Grand Hotel Halic Kat 8' -Beyoğlu/İstanbul


Reservation Phone : 90 (212)243 11 26

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