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Ciya Restaurant 

Ciya consist of three places which are just about 20 meters away from each other in the same street .


You can find authentic dishes especially from South east and eastern regions of Turkey. It is like a typical home style restaurant with unique flavours. Unlike the other posh restaurants you decide what to eat from the bench with you eyes where all foods kept hot and hygenic. 


Very extensive menu with very special tastes and varieties of Kebabs together with the vegetable salad options presents a food fest both virtualy and flavor to its guests


What to Eat in Ciya restaurant ?


Menus and dishes change weekly . Beginning of every week a new weekly menu plan are published .


Recommended; Arabic meatballs with cacik , dograma ,keledos ,mumbar , siveydiz , gulik borani , falafel ,pirtaki , kagit kebab ,onion kebab , frenk style kebab , cartlak kebab , pumpkin dessert and village style baklava.


Where is Ciya Restaurant ?


Ciya Kebap: Caferaga Street Guneslibahse Sk. 48/B Kadıkoy - Istanbul

phone number and reservations: 00 90 (216) 336 30 13


Ciya Kebap 2: Caferaga Street. Guneslibahce Sk. No: 44 Kadıkoy - Istanbul

phone number : 00 90 (216) 418 51 15


Ciya Sofrasi : Caferaga street Guneslibahse Sk. No:43 Kadikoy - Istanbul

Reservation: 00 90 (216) 330 31 90


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