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 Kefken  which is 20 km away from Kandira is the most advanced place among  the other  coastal settlements in the region . Sea, sandy beaches and pine forests are indispensable features of the area. Kefken Island, which is mostly and frequently  visited by  amateur underwater  divers awaits the new visitors with its wildlife and numerous bays.

Cebeci (27 km from Kandira) and Sarısu ( 8 km. Awayfrom Kandira) and Bayramoglu are the other beaches to visit in the Kefken area.


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29 Ekim Pazartesi, 2012
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Philip Housden
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daily escapes in Turkey
Only an hour drive from istanbul to kocaeli( very much developed industrial city) and 40 minutes boat sail fromt there will take you to a wonderfull untouched island where you can experience the rich underwater life.