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The mausoleum built for the memory of Ataturk who is the founder and first president of Turkish Republic. The structure was completely finished in 1953 and the area totally covers 750.000 m2 land. It is divided 2 parts which are known as Peace Park and Monumental Block.


Peace Park created with thousands of different flowers, trees and foliage plants  is the feast presented by nature to humanity.

Monumental Section is seperated to 3 different part;


* Road with  Lions

* Parade Ground

* Mausoleum


There are also ten towers which symbolizes the notions creating the personality of Ataturk, symetrically built in the Anitkabir.

The Mausoleum is very impressive with its location, atmosphere, structures and history. Anitkabir is the first place to visit in Ankara city.


Opening and Closing times for Anitkabir;

Opening                                    Closing

01 February - 14 May          09:00                                       16:30

15 May - 31 October           09:00                                       17:00

01 November - 31 January    09:00                                       16:00           


No entrance fee charged !


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