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Balloon Tours in Cappadocia / Turkey


The best destination in Turkey for hot air ballooning is Cappadoccia region.  Cappadoccia balloon tours are  one of the most unusual experience you can ever try in your lifetime. Hot air balloon tours  offer  the breathtaking view of natural wonders of Cappadoccia region from an exciting  altitude.


AAQ - Anticipated Questions and Answers for balloon tours in Cappadoccia ;


How much is the price of a Balloon Tour  per person ?

 - The prices vary from 150 to 250 € per person,  according to facilities offered. (The transportation and breakfast included in the price )

* How long does a Balloon tour roughly take ?

- Balloon tours flight times  last from 60 to 90 minutes.


* What is the passanger capacity of Balloons ?

- It depends on the size of the Balloon however mostly preferred balloons capacity  are 8-14 / 16-24 .


* How high the balloons fly up in Cappadoccia ?

-  Balloons usually fly up to 900 mt. from ground. They can even go much more higher altitudes however  the speed and power of the winds get harder  to control the balloons. 


*  What time is the balloon tour start  ?

-  The flights start very early in the mornings( 4.30 a.m – 5.30 a.m) as the weather and wind conditions are very suitable for safe and comfortable flights.  The exact time for the tours are told by the organizers one day in advance.



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6 Kasım Salı, 2012
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glenn darlie
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cost of balloon trip in cappadoccia
the idea of flying over a great landscape and watching the panoramic view is fantastic though 150 € is a lot of money whic is asked for 1 hour trip. balloon tour prices have to be revised and must be reduced.