Bithynia located in nort-west of anatolia. Surrounded by Phrygia , Galatia , Black sea, propontis , paphlagonya and galatia in ancient era.  Today , kocaeli, sakarya, bilecik, duzce , yalova , bolu , kastamonu , bursa,  zonguldak cities located in the area.
Immigrated tribe from thrace called Bittnis had founded bithynia in 2000 B.C
Bythinians were aggressive and warlike people . They  even hadn’t surrendered the Alexander the great.  Bithynia were colonized by greeks in 2nd century B.C  and Bithynia became a hellenistic kingdom reigned by the greek kings.
Romans conquered and took the reign of bithynia in 74 B.C
Bithynia  has a strategic importance as it’s located in the crossroads to Pontos.
Natural springs were made to cure diseases ( basilicia therma ) . Justinianus the emperor of Byzantium got Natural springs done for the dynasty in Yalova.

The important sites of Bithynia was;
Nikomedia ( capital city )
,  Prusa  (bursa )
  Nikaia ,
Bolu( Bithynion)  
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