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Cubuklu, Istanbul

Cubuklu, located just by the Kanlica in the direction to Black sea, is the most similar place to the old, original villages of Bosphorus.

Cubuklu is famous for its lovely, friendly atmosphere, nature, Hidiv Kasri (Hidiv Pavillion) and Cubuklu woods.

Hidiv Kasri, which is administered by the local municipality, is a popular place serving as a restaurant and hotel. Hidiv Kasri is a nice option for the ones who is looking for a peacefull, relaxing weekend in Istanbul.

Cubuklu woods, which have wonderfull hiking trails in the green nature with the seaview, will make you walk for hours. After getting tired of walking, you can take a breath in the nomad tents where you can drink a tea and order gozleme ( Turkish pancake ).

How to get Cubuklu ?

Get the Kanlica district via Public buses then either you can keep walking for 2 km in the direction to Cubuklu or catch a Taxi.


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