Goreme, 10 km to the Nevsehir city and 1 km to Uchisar, is rich in rock-carved churches and monasteries. Today you can still see the fresco paintings on the walls of these churches, built between 7th and 12th centuries. The most important of these churches that are worthwhile for a visit are Karanlik, Tokali and El Nazar.

Karanlik church is covered with fresco paintings that still boast the lively colours even hundreds of years later. Another village is Cavusin, on the road to Avanos from Goreme. This is where John the Baptist church and abandoned cave houses are to be seen. But, the most romantic stop of this journey will be kizilcukur Valley – a perfect spot to watch the sunset or full moon. Only acccesible through a pathway, Kizilcukur Valley invites you to experience at least one of these sights by sipping the red wine that is peculiar to Cappadocia region.

Before getting to Avanos, you come across two important sites which are Pasabag and Zelve. You can observe the formation process of fairy chimneys in Pasabag valley; and in Zelve, you can witness more cave houses like the ones in Goreme.

Pottery, which is a tradition handed down by Hittites to the following generations on the region, is produced to a large extent in Avanos.

Entrance of the Avanos village adorned with a huge statue of Potter. Avanos is one of the oldest dwlling sites of Cappadocia region. Usually visitors are given the chance to try to form their own pots, first mixing clay with water and then shaping it on a special spinning workbench which is called the potter’s Wheel. You can forget taking pains to create your dream pot but go for one of the breathtaking examples shaped by the masters of pottery, which are sold at a quite reasonable price.


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