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Fethiye Beaches

Fethiye is pretty famous with Oludeniz and Calis beaches that known by every visitors however Oludeniz and Calis Beach are too much touristy and commercial which mostly preferred and highly populated by foreign tourists. Fethiye is not only about 2 beaches and that would be unfair to the heavenly nature of Fethiye not to mention the other wondrous beaches and bays of the region.

 Here is the list of the beaches and bays to go in addition to Oludeniz and Calis;

Kidrak Beach : Kidrak is an idyllic Beach which is 3 km away from Oludeniz Beach and Belcekiz.

Gemiler : Gemiler is the second big bay of Fethiye after Oludeniz Beach.

Katranci isan idyllic beach surrounded with pine trees far from the crowd and city life ..

Gunluklu bay is adorned with rarely seen, sweet-scented, dense storax trees. 

Kabak bay  surprises both domestic and foreign tourists with its unique position and untouched nature.

ButterflyValley is a magical valley and a natural treasure located 5 km away from Oludeniz

Boncuklu is a naturally protected small bay and beach that never effected from harsh and windy weather conditions.

Aksazlar bay is off the beaten path for foreigners though it is a well known bay by locals.

Samanlik bay,which is 3 km away from Fethiye city center, is the following bay after Aksazlar

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cigdem pension and alperen pensions located in a walking distance to fethiye are lovely , cozy family pensions with a very friendly service and cheap accommodation prices.