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Bodrum Amphitheater

It is one of the most important structure which achieved to survive from Hellenistic period untill today. Capacity of the theater is 13 000 people and consists of three main sections. These sections are stage, orchestra and Cavea (seating places). The stage of the theater has a long rectangular shape in which 2 entrance gate are built for the players on both side. After the excavations made in 1973 theater was turned into and arranged as an open air museum.

Theater located on a hillside behind the bodrum center just by the main road to Gumbet.
The view from theater is breathtaking and stunning thus many visitors get stuck to fabulous panoramic view and sit on the seats of theater for long times.

Bodrum amphitheater is also used especially in high season for special events, concerts and festivals. The flawless acoustics of theater provide the best concert area to singers and audiences.

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If you are lucky to come up a concert organised in Bodrum amphiteater do not even think a a second to be there. Best atmosphere and best concerts ever.