Cilicia, which is an ancient Roman province in Asia Minor used to cover a large area between Alanya and Syria. It was divided into 2 geographical region which were “Cilicia Trakheia” (mountainous and rocky area) and “Cilicia Pedias” (a very fertile land today called Cukurova )

 ** Hittites , Asyrians , Persians , Macedonians and Seleucids dominated the region rover centuries however “Provincia Cilicia” was founded under the reign of Roman empire

** Cilicia were christianized between 5 - 15 A.D .

** The province changed hands frequently between Arabs and Byzantine empire during  the period of islam region.

** Armenians hold the province  by force in 11th century and paid a special attention to region.

** During this period, cities in theregion fortified and castles were reinforced.

** Mamluks in 1375 and Ottomans had reign over the Cilicia in 1515.

** Hacin and  Sis are the important settlements which survived untill today from Cilicia period




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