An ancient region which bordered with the Gediz ( Hermus ) and Buyuk Menderes ( Cayster) rivers today stays in the boundaries of Manisa and Usak cities of Turkey.

** The name of the region was derived from the local folks of the area which called Lyds.

** When Cimmerians destroyed the Phrygian civilization and became a threat to Ldyians, a war was outbroke between Cimmerians and Lydians, The extraordinary efforts of Lydian King Alyattes made them to have a glorious victory which resulted with the withdraw of Cimmerians.

** Lydia was reached its peak time during the King Croesus who enriched and flourished the state.  Lydia was the most richest region of Anatolia during his reign.

** Gold deposits had found and processed in the valley of Hermos ( gediz ) and pactolos ( sart) rivers.

** Lydians are the first civilization in history that produced gold coins in gold mints.

** Money was a milestone for humanity .  Bartering of goods were removed and money started to use instead.  Money provided an  easier commerce.

** Lydians were defeated by Persians in 547 B.C. thus region  became a satrapy of Persians. 

** Alexander the great took over reign from Persians in 334 B.C . In this period for the memory of God Zeus a monumental memorial was built.

** Sardes was the most important city of Lydia

** Lydia gained a reputation with its well tamed  horses in the ancient Asia Minor.

** Thyateria city of Lydia region   was very improved in leatherproducts.

** Katakekaumene city was famous with its  grapes and wines.

Magnesia, Saittas , Apollania, Gordos ( gördes) , tralles ( aydin )Silandos ( selendi) are the other important cities of Lydia


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inventors of money
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