Phrygia is the name of ancient region which located in today’s Eskisehir, Kutahya, afyon , northern Denizli and eastern parts of Usak.

** Phrygians immigrated to Anatolia from Thrace through Istanbul and Canakkale bosphoruses

** The immigrations and invasions of Phrygians resulted with the collapse of legendary Hittite civilization.

** Phrygians made Gordion their capital city and Midas (yazilikaya) cult city for worshipping.

** Phrygians deeply effected by the Hittite civilization in many aspects.

** The culture of phrygians and civilization spread all over Anatolia via smoothly arranged and built roads and routes.

** Persians took over the reign of Phrygian.  After Persians, Seleukos, Pergamon kingdom and Romans ruled the land

**  During the reign of Roman empreror Augustus, Phrygia became a part of Galatia .

** Phrygians were very advanced in wood carving and furniture making.

** Many musical instruments such as Symbal , srync  etc. were invented and used in phrygia.

** Phrygians are the first civilizations in the history which created the mosaic and embodied it in architecture.

** Phrygians invented the hook needle, tumuli tombs and   used them in their culture.

** Cimmerians captured the the Gordion city and destroyed everything in thecity. This heavy defeat had caused to midas to commited suicide however  Pyrgians protected  their existence for 1000 years in rock settlements in Afyon.

** Rock graves , rock settlements  left from the Phrygians  are worth to see today.


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