Avanos district which established and located in the banks of Kizilirmak( Halys river), is one of the most important art and tourism center of Cappadocia region.
Pottery, which is a tradition handed down by Hittites to the following generations on the region, is produced to a large extent in Avanos.
Entrance of the Avanos village adorned with a huge statue of Potter. Avanos is one of the oldest dwelling sites of Cappadocia region. Usually visitors are given the chance to try to form their own pots, first mixing clay with water and then shaping it on a special spinning workbench which is called the potter’s Wheel. You can forget taking pains to create your dream pot but go for one of the breathtaking examples shaped by the masters of pottery, which are sold at a quite reasonable price.

Avanos is not so  popular as Urgup, Goreme and Uchisar and not largely preferred for accommodation however there are nice hotels and restaurants available in district for staying and eating out.

If you have enough time to spend in Avanos, beside trying to create your own pot it is also recommended to take a walk in walk way by the Hallys river surrounded with wonderfull beauties of nature. 


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31 Aralık Pazartesi, 2012
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Chiara Feragni
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making your own clay pot in cappadocia
i had a funny chance to try making a clay pot during my visit to Turkey. i was the only one inthe group who eagerly wanted to make a pot after a short show made by a master. i made people laugh and enjoy while i was creating my unique clay wlth an unidentified shape :) i still keep my masterpiece as the best memory of my Turkey holiday.