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New Mosque

New Mosque ( Yeni Cami ) unlike its name was built in 1663. It is located just in the exit of  Spice Bazaar near Galata bridge and throughout the Ottoman History the New mosque complex was the longest running construction. Construction of New mosque was started in 1589 for the name of Safiye sultan who is the view of Sultan Murat the third yet construction had to stopped after several years and not started untill 1661. The mother of Sultan Mehmet IV was started to rebuilding and it was completely finished in 1663.


66 is the total amount  of the small and large domes seen in the Mosque complex. A large part of the mosque is made of White marble and interiors are decorated with vibrant coloured tiles. The largest tombs complex belonging to Ottoman Dynasty family is also take a part in the new Mosque complex.

New mosque is located in one of the busiest spots of Istanbul offers a relaxing and peacefull time inside. Hundreds of Pigeons expecting to be fed in front of the mosque also create picturesque scenes.


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