Lycia – Lykia

Lycia which means the “land of Lights” is an ancient region located between the  Aksu and Dalaman rivers.  It’s assumed that the lukas ( the pirates ) who terrified all seamen in mediterranean region  are the ancestors of Lykians.

** Lycians supported Hittite empire and took part in the Kadesh battle against Egypt .

** Antique cities sitauted in the borders of region had created the Lycianunion in 8th century B.C.

**  In sequence;  Persians, Macedonians, Roman empire ruled the region.

** Romans consigned the ruling of the region to Rhodes.

** Pontus king Mithridates, conquered the Lycia region though Roman emperor Cladius made the Lycia again a roman state.

** Lycia was flourished and developed over centuries under the reign of Roman empire but countless earthquakes and pirates destroyed the Lycian cities.

** Lycia lost its importance especially after the  Arab invasions.

** Lycian monuments and memorials are the most interesting and stunning samples of Anatolia’s architecture. Hellenistic and Roman structures , tombs and shrines are worth to see.

** Lycia is very well-known with its unique Lycian Type sarcophaguses .

Important sites of Lycia were ;

Ksantos (kinik)                               patara (kelemis)

Myra ( Kale)                                  Olympos (cirali , yanartas , deliklitas)

Tlos                                            Phaselis (Tekirova)


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