Pamphylia which means the land of different races and cultures, is an ancient region that covers today the south part of Turkey and mainly the eastern side of Antalya city.


** Pamphylia region has been a very fertile land in which the first marks of earliesy lifes dates back to pre-historic periods. Karain , Belbasi , Beldibi caves are most important pre-historic settlements located in this region.

** Pamphylia region in sequence were ruled by  Lydians ,Persians, Macedonians, Seleuvkos , pergamom  and Roman Empire.

** Region was highliy flourished and developed during the Roman empire period.

** During the Roman period, numerous monumental structures, temples, theaters and aquaducts  were built in the region.

** Aspendos, Side, Perge, Attaleia are the important cities where the remnants of these unique structures can be seen today.

** Christianity was widely spread in region after the 3rd century  though after arab invasions in 7th century B.C almost all cities were abandoned and deserted.

** Pamphylia region was Turkized in 11th century and became a part of  Ottoman empire in 14th century.

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