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Places to See in and Around Kusadasi

When you got in Kusadasi do not restrict your Holiday with only Sun,Sea and beach. Try to create some time to see the important unique  historical places and natural wonders which you will not be able to see in any other part of the World.

*  Ephesus which located only 15 km away from Kusadasi is the first place to see.

* House of Virgin Mary is the second place to visit situated just on the peak of the mountain rises behind the Ephesus antique city.

* Pigeon island which host a thousands years old  castle in  its borders worth and easy to visit as it is situated just by the Kusadasi Harbour.

* Sirince Village is a pretty placein the nature roughly 30 km far from Kusadasi allow you to interact with local people.

* Priene is  one of the important ancient cities founded and located  370mt. Height  over  slopes of mt. Samsun just 15 km to Soke district ofAydin city

* Miletus

* Didyma which is about 70 km from Kusadasi was the prophecy center of ancient times a must place to visit.

* Dilek Peninsula National Park,  lets you enjoy the pure untouched nature where thousands of animal and bird species nestled in. It is only 30 km fromK usadasi.

* Davutlar and Guzelcamli are another important places to see with their long sandy beaches, located only 25 km from the Kusadasi.

* Izmir the third and most modern city of Turkey which offers a very large variety of activities to be done, should be added to must see places while you are in Kusadasi.

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