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Turkish drinks are also so delicious and unique as well as the world wide popular Turkish foods . Many soft , alcoholic drinks and fruit juices are peculiar to Turkey and originated in thousands of years from the civilizations , cultures and conditions have been seen and lived in anatolia land.

Turkish drinks have their own way of drinking , culture and taste. It means traditional Turkish drinks have been created in need of a lacking taste besides the Turkish foods to complete a wonderfull meal.

Traditional Turkish drinks and beverages are far more healthier than any drinks produced in factories today whilst all Turkish drinks made by traditional ways without any chemical additons.

Here is the list of Turkish drinks you should try and drink during your visit in Turkey ;

Raki; an alcoholic drink made by pomace and grapes with a anese flavour ,mostly drunk with a seafoods

Ayran made by yoghurt can be drunk with any food and anytime . Tastes better with salt.

Boza a traditional drink available in winter seasons prepared by millet,semolina and sugar.

Gelincik serbeti , Poppy syrup , hardly found and hardly produced beverage drunk with ice cubes.

Kefir , made with the help of lactic acid and alcohol fermentation is very healthy drink recommended to use everyday

Salep , made with orchid plants is a drink commonly offered in winter times to heat your body.

Salgam , a very tasty red turnip juice mostly preferred with Turkish kebabs and Raki .

Turkish coffee a special coffee with a unique drinking and serving culture will tell your fortune.

Turkish tea, is a phenomen among the Turkish people can be seen and drunk everyday anytime.

Turkish wines produced by special grapes having a unique quality will accompany you in a romantic dinner.

Serbet , fruit flavoured refreshing drink trying to exist among the modern drinks such as coke ,fanta.


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30 Mayıs Çarşamba, 2012
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hubert storch
Message :
turkish drinks
Überall wo man in der Türkei ankommt wird einen ein Glas türkischer Tee angeboten und ist ein Symbol der türkischen Gastfreundschaft. Zu dem ist er auch sehr lecker.

30 Mayıs Çarşamba, 2012
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michaela maier
Message :
turkish drinks
Mein Lieblingsgetraenk ist natürlich Raki. Ein super begleiter zu Fisch :-)